...his blood deserve to be sacrificed to appease the gods - Community verdict

A case of a man who escaped jungle justice  by whiskers after being nabbed committing sodomy with a 18 year old boy has resurfaced after the boy's father returned to seek justice on the matter.

A matter which  throw the entire Umuoka Umudibi Ekwe community in Imo State into a state of shock and disbelief year back with people meeting in groups to discuss the matter has finally resurfaced.

A man, named Amajioyi Cornelius who was allegedly accused of  defiling an 18-year-old step- brother at Umuoka Umudibi Ekwe, a community in Isu Local government area of Imo State, has been banished from the community officially and also disowned for the abominable act.

The case which was recently handled by Ekwe community leaders from the area has been received with mixed reactions. Many have frowned at the way an manner, it was handled. Some said the leadership were slow and that was why the culprit escaped from the community to unknown destination with the aid of a certain group of young people who helped him to escape and cannot be seen anywhere in Nigeria, after a search party was deployed to bring him dead or alive to come and face the music for his unwholesome actions. Many have already called for his head for desecrating the land and bringing shame to the family and the entire community. "This is an abomination that we cannot condone in any way in our land. He must pay with his blood to appease the gods" says one of the leader who wants to be anonymous. Many have argued that the mysterious disappearance of the culprit showed a fowl play and call for thorough investigation.

The victim (name withheld), who narrated her ordeal at the hands of the young man, said he went to Cornelius’s room on March 5, 2021 to watch television in the night.

According to him, he fell asleep and he forcibly had anal sex with him and threatened him not to tell anyone about it.

He said he informed his mother about the incident, but she (mother) downplayed it and accused him of peddling falsehood about his brother, who the mother least expected would engage in such an act.

However, on March 12, 2021, the victim said, Mr Cornelius sent him to buy fried yam and when he entered his room on his return, he started forcing him to have anal sex with him which he shouted for help that attracted some people in the house to the room and caught him pant down and brought him out unclad without any clothes.

The mother of the victim, who corroborated the story, said she was informed about the issue but did not believe it until the man was caught red-handed in the act and he reported the matter to the father for proper prosecution.

On return, the father decide to report to the elders and the entire community took a decision to banish the young man and placed him on wanted list either dead or alive since he disappeared in the scene for some years now, she asserted.