Ukoha Njoku Ukoha 

i. He is a Gen X

***Offers a clue of the personality of the new CPS...if you know.

ii.  He is definitely not a journalist! Or associated with the conventional media

*** How would this impact on his performance as Press Secretary remains to be seen. His predecessor, Kazie Uko was a seasoned newsmen with enormous connection in the conventional media circles...Let's watch the new CPS take his baby steps

iii. A prolific writer, possesses effective communication skills.

***The new CPS writes with consummate skill and passion...but his job definition encompasses a wider scope

iv.  An accomplished and innovative administrator and entrepreneurial  consultant 

 v. Diligent, enthusiastic, and willing to learn in a new environment. 

vi. Experienced in Public, Community service and civic duties 

vii.   Versed in political mobilisation and organisation

viii. Dabbled in partisan politics, former member of the PDP and Former Special Adviser to former governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu 

ix. Plays politics of live and let live

x.  Widely travelled, speaks Dutch.