Enyimba FC of Aba, Abia State have been fined N10 million and docked three points for breaking five frameworks and rules of the NPFL in their matchday 35 league clash against Enugu Rangers on Sunday.

The  clash between the title contenders started well but descended into chaos after a penalty decision in the 98th minute  was awarded to Rangers

The penalty call sparked outrage from Enyimba players who stormed off the pitch in protest. The situation worsened as some players aggressively confronted the referee.

Fans from both sides thereafter encroached the pitch, throwing objects and attacking players, officials, and each other.

After a  review of the match report, video evidence, and pictures circulating online, the league’s disciplinary committee found Enyimba guilty of violating five different league rules and regulations.

The statement in part read that Enyimba were in breach of Rule C9 (failure to ensure the proper conduct of your players, officials and supporters);  Rule B6.23 (disrupting the transmission of a live broadcast);  Rule B13.18 (team and supporters threw objects and encroached unto the field of play);  Rule C1.1 (refused to continue with the match in protest against the penalty awarded in favour of your opponents and act that goes against the principles of fair play, sportsmanship, the league rules, and, is capable of bringing the game to disrepute) and Rule B13.24 (causing the disruption and discontinuation of the match).

The disciplinary committee in its judgement  fined the club a total sum of N10m for the breach of the rules and also deducted three points and three goals which has been awarded to Rangers.

The judgment in part reads, “Consequently, the NPFL hereby impose on you the following sanctions: A fine of One Million Naira only (N1,000,000) for failing to ensure the proper conduct of your team. A fine of Five Million Naira only (N5,000,000) for disrupting a live broadcast. A fine of One Million Naira only (N1,000,000) for throwing of objects unto the field of play. A fine of One Million Naira only (N1,000,000) for encroachment unto the field of play.”

Other fines include, “An order forfeiting 3 points and 3 goals in favour of your opponent refusing to allow the penalty awarded in favour of your opponents to be taken, thereby disrupting the match and bringing the game to disrepute, A fine of Two Million Naira only (N2,000,000) for causing the disruption and discontinuation of the match.”

The club have also been told to identify and produce for further investigation and appropriate sanctions, other players and officials complicit in the disruptive conduct (particularly against the match officials) that led to a discontinuation of the game, in addition to the following identified players; Eze Ekwutoziam (Jersey No.6), Chibuike Nwaiwu (Jersey No.27), and Akanni Elijah (Jersey No.10).

The point deduction is a huge blow for Enyimba who were in contention for their 10th NPFL title. The decision leaves them four points behind rivals, Rangers.