The Transition Chairman of Ikwuano LGA of Abia State, Hon Osinachi Nwaka has recommended the principles of  vision, resilience, and collective  action as exhibited by Nehemiah, a Biblical figure as panacea for contemporary challenges.

The Ikwuano Mayor made the recommendations in his Keynote Speech delivered at the  29th Annual Diocesan Synod Of the Methodist Diocese Of Ndoro-Oboro, Ikwuano LG held at St. Michael  Cathedral, Nnono-Oboro

Speaking on the theme: 'Arise 
And Build: Drawing Inspiration From Nehemiah's Leadership',  Hon Nwaka who anchored his message on Nehemiah 2:19-20, maintained that the timeless wisdom from the narrative of Nehemiah,  whose leadership in rebuilding Jerusalem stands as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come. "Nehemiah's journey is not merely a historical anecdote, but  a profound testament to the power of vision, resilience, and collective action

"Like Nehemiah, we must cultivate a clear vision that transcends obstacles and sustains us through adversity. Our vision should not be mere aspirations but a calling that ignites our passion and propels us forward", he affirmed

 Further explicating on other principles adopted by Nehemiah, Nwaka added that we we are bound to encounter opposition and skepticism, but like Nehemiah, we must remain resolute in our purpose, drawing strength from our convictions and unwavering faith. 

As a tool to resolving challenges, he further recommended collective effort and shared purpose as adopted by Nehemiah’s leadership harping on their transformative power. "In our organizations and communities, fostering a culture of collaboration and unity enables us to overcome barriers and achieve extraordinary results", he declared 

Describing faith as the bedrock of success, Nwaka stressed that at 
 the core of Nehemiah's leadership was his unshakable faith in a higher purpose "...nurturing a foundation of faith and spirituality in our lives provides us with strength, resilience, and clarity of purpose. It empowers us to confront challenges with courage and to persevere amidst uncertainty", he proffered 

Concluding, the Ikwuano Mayor urged his audience to  draw inspiration from Nehemiah's  timeless principles of leadership, resilience, and faith which  transcends time and culture, offering profound insights into leadership with purpose and conviction. 

" we navigate the complexities of our own lives and endeavors. Let us arise with courage, build with determination, and trust in the guiding hand of providence", he submitted

The Mayor was later presented with an award 'Certificate of Excellence' by the Archbishop of the Diocese, Rt Rev Dr Udo U Nmeregini