By Sam. Onwuemeodo.

Governor Hope Uzodimma had more than three  hundred political appointees,  in his first tenure.  In his first four years, as lmo governor. He had  assembled them to serve their State. They had  formed the Expanded Exco, which he dissolved twenty four hours, after his inauguration  for Second term. He is also in the best position, to assess and score the former appointees,  respectively.

Having been inaugurated for Second term, on Monday,  January 15, 2024 and having sacked his first term appointees, Uzodimma has the option  of reappointing all of them or not reappointing them. Or, the choice of bringing  some of them back and dropping some.  He has that decision at his disposal, to take. And even, without consulting anybody. 

lt does not require the divergent demands or positions of  the two factions of the lmo State chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ. lt does not call for the views of the leadership and members of the two factions, respectively.  Or, the suggestion of anybody , including that of yours truly. 

And if by January 15, 2024, when he was sworn in for second tenure,  governor Uzodimma hadn't known  his former appointees who  would be reappointed in his second term,  then, either he  was too busy to do that  or something was wrong somewhere. He must have known them.

At the inauguration, the lmo governor  was quoted to have  said that,  appointees who brought shame to him, would not come back. Which means,  he had done his home work already . He had finished the matter. That's to say, he had already drawn the line. He had known those on his "right hand side" and those on his "left hand side". Those on the narrow path  that leads to safety and those on the broad road,  that leads to rejection or ineptitude. And so on. 

lt had equally called for concern,   when one of the factions of the lmo NUJ was telling the Omuma man,  why he would or why he should or why he must reappoint Hon. Declan Mbadiwe Emelumba,  as Honourable Commissioner for lnformation and Strategy.  And the other faction came up with a counter claim.  A counter "affidavit", stating why,  the same Mbadiwe should not or must not be  reappointed as lnformation Commissioner. 

And the two NUJ  factions had forgotten that or had failed or refused to know that,  the call on the governor to reappoint Mbadiwe as lnformation Commissioner, could be counterproductive. Could make the governor to change his mind,   assuming he had earlier made up his mind to bring back the guy in that capacity .

Even the opposing  position of the other faction  on the subject matter,  could also  make  the governor  to reappoint the man in focus, even when he had before now, decided not to do so. Most political  leaders do not like to be "pushed around". Or, pushed  to the wall. To be tossed around. They do not like to be made to appear weak. They do not like to be seen as  succumbing to the whims and caprices of certain interest-groups. The actions of the two lmo  NUJ factions were not only  worrisome, but had spoken much about the large extent things  have fallen apart on the side of the Union in the State. 

l couldn't have imagined Feddy lbechiuozor or Ben. Osuagwu or Mrs Oby Ekeagbai or lnnocent lgwe, and others who had led lmo NUJ at one time or the other, devoting their time, telling the governor or the Sole Administrator who should be appointed or who should not be appointed Commissioner or something else. 

Nonetheless, l  had been one of Emelumba's main critics, when he was the lnformation Commissioner.  l was hard on him. But l would be missing the point, if l had thought or believed  that, my criticisms against some of his outings,  would determine whether the governor would reappoint him or not as Commissioner for information and Strategy. What if the governor had celebrated or fancied or approved all he had done  which l criticized?. it becomes a different ball game. A different stock or stuff. ln other words, all those my criticisms would definitely  not count,  on whether he would  be reappointed or not. 

The  truth is that, Uzodimma is still having  the knife and the yam on the issue of political appointments,   this time.  He has both the red and green pens. The reason he is making "guy" with the whole thing. Making "iyanga". The man understands what he has and he's  dramatizing it. Who say men no dey?. Governor of lmo State,  with loaves of Aba, Onitsha, Porthacourt, Owerri and Agege bread,  to share. And the number of those waiting to get shares, are many . Too numerous to imagine. Too numerous to behold. He's enjoying the scenario.

Some of those working or scheming to make the expected list of appointees, have begun to fight whatever that could constitute a hedge or stumbling block or barrier  or hitch to  the realization of their respective desires or ambition or dreams . The reason they have not been finding  the peace package between the lmo governor and  the former governor and Senator, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, funny. 

But that should not bother any of them. lt should not bother anybody.  Reason being that,  when Okorocha was briefing members of the Rescue Mission Political Family, on the  peace deal, he didn't tell them that any condition was attached.  He didn't tell them that there was a condition or proviso . So, no member of the Rescue Mission Political enclave is expecting any anything  from Uzodimma, based on his reconciliation  with Okorocha. Therefore,  let no body's heart be troubled. 

One had also expected that,  the "much noise" that had characterised Uzodimma's government in his first tenure,  would have given way for now,  with the dissolution of the expanded exco. But the noise has continued or remained unabated. And the  implication is that,  people are still looking at  Uzodimma and his governorship or government, from the "nzogbu-nzogbu" perspective or angle. And when that, shouldn't be the case now . 

If they had gone on break as expected, following the dissolution of the Exco, the atmosphere would have gradually become Clement or calm or  normal. And when they come back , they would begin to do  something new,  that would be in tandem with the Spirit of his Second term, especially,  when he is not going to run another gubernatorial election. A new chapter is expected to be  opened. But, with what they have been doing, they are only waiting to put new wine into an old bottle. And it's not advisable. lt wouldn't be the best of action. New wine should be put into a new bottle. And they would synchronise or tally. 

All in all, they are waiting for onwa to "land". And  if they  do not want to wait, they should go and become governor and we take off from there.  For now, the man is in the "VIP lounge". And no thoroughfare. No "road". Even, "diversion sign". So, let them continue waiting, if that is the only sacrifice they have to make. And may their "waiting", not be in vain. This is the best we can do for them. The help we can render. May their long "waiting" produce results. Bear fruits. 

While we  continue to clap for Jesus.