The Annual Nations Mathematics Competition (ANMC)  held across the country on today. The competition, which is is organized by the Nigerian Tulip International Colleges (NTIC) in collaboration with the National Mathematical Centre has over 10,000 students from primary 5 and 6 to JSS 1, 2, and 3, writing at 35 centres in 30 states across Nigeria.

The Annual National Mathematics Competition (ANMC) has been an annual event for the past 21 years, and has become a well-known name in Nigeria's education system, particularly in the field of Mathematics. It is the country's largest and most prestigious mathematics competition, providing students with a platform to showcase their mathematical skills. 

The competition has also attracted various personalities from different schools, cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions with excellent knowledge of mathematics.

The primary objective of ANMC, according to the ANMC Coordinator, Mr. Erdal Yilmaz, is to test the students' problem-solving and mathematical reasoning abilities. It provides young mathematicians from all over the country with opportunities to compete in a series of challenging mathematical problems, building their confidence and love for mathematics. He added that the competition also offers scholarship awards.

Speaking to journalists on behalf on the Coordinator at the Abuja Centre of the Competition (Nigerian Tulip International School, Wuse), the Assistant Coordinator, Shahbaz Malik said:"Mathematics is a critical subject that plays a vital role in our daily lives, and our focus is to keep the genuine love for mathematics growing in the heart of the young ones, starting from primary school to secondary level. We believe it will become easy for them to navigate the corridors of sciences at the tertiary levels"

He explained that ANMC comprises two rounds of problem-solving. Qualifiers from the two geo-political zones will proceed to the second round of the competition. In the second round, the top-performing students will receive cash prizes, scholarships, and other awards. The teachers and schools of the qualifiers in the second round will also receive prizes. 

He added that the winners will have access to full tuition fee scholarship opportunities at Nigerian Tulip International Colleges.

The Managing Director of NTIC, Mr. Fevzullah Bilgin who also spoke on the competition, said: “Apart from winning prizes at ANMC, we hope that the competition will ignite the passion for various inspiration and innovation in the field of mathematics and other sciences in the heart of the young ones. 

“We look forward to them fulfilling their dreams in their chosen fields and careers.”

A mother of one of the participants, Omotayo Rubangs while commending the organizers, said the competition has built interest in mathematics in many children in Nigeria, noting that his son has had to consistently prepared for the competition.

Some of the participants who spoke to journalists said they are optimistic at winning the competition and further take up professions that are mathematics bias.