By Ori Martins 


 Enyiogugu is central to Mbaise, Imo State and South East socio-economic as well as political re-engineering. Enyiogugu contributes meaningfully to the growth and development of Igbo country and Nigeria at large. 

Afor Enyiogugu serves as a commercial hub to Imo traders, creating an atmosphere as an epicenter for commerce and trade interactions for Imo based market men and women. Thus, Afor Enyiogugu is a business gateway of sorts. 

Beautifully energized and activated by the ever boisterous highway from Owerri, crisscrossing Ahiara Junction to Obowo and joining the Enugu-Umuahia-Aba-Port Harcourt Road, Afor Enyiogugu is a big and important business outlet. 

Remarkably, Enyiogugu  which today has four autonomous communities - Ezigaragu, Olalem, Ezenachigwe, Egbelu/Umuhu autonomous communities - had produced great men and excellent heroics. 

For instance, the musical myth nicknamed Dr/Sir Warrior hailed from Umuhu Enyiogugu. One of the biggest names in Nigeria's football coaching log, Dr Alphonsus Dike, is an Enyiogugu son of the soil. One of the foremost politicians and ingenious administrators in the former Eastern Region was Chief I. O. Biaduo, erstwhile Aboh Mbaise LGA chairman in 1980 when Ezinihitte used to be a part of Aboh Mbaise. His son, Lawrence, is the serving organizing secretary of Imo PDP. 

The late Dr Alex Obi, one time PDP boss in Imo and member, BoT of the party who gallantly and narrowly lost the 1992 governorship election to Chief Evan Enwerem, was from Enyiogugu. And not too long ago, Chief Austin Nwaokorie, an Enyiogugu proud ward, served as an SA to the then President Goodluck Jonathan. 

It is appropriate to state here that one of the most respected traditional rulers in the country was a king known as Eze Anyanwu Ogwugwu whose reign brought peace, stability and development to his community. Again, the Oruru Ukwu Enyiogugu, a cultural festival, ranks as one of the most prominent celebrations still in existence in modern age. 

There were other Enyiogugu VIPs like Leo Nnaji, Akali, Pius Iroka, Monsignor Theo Nwalo, Actress Better Njoku, Teddy Obinna of Uwa wu pawpaw fame, Aquila of Oriental Brothers International Band, etc. 

More than anything else, the Enyiogugu Secondary School was recognized as a centre of academic excellence as it doled out series of First Class students who eventually became great men in their respective endeavours. 

The election for the stool of Ezigaragu automous community held  Saturday January 6,2023.

The seat of the late traditional ruler, HRH, Eze Ezinna Emmanuel Madu, was declared vacant at a General Assembly of Ezigaragu on Monday, August 28,2023.

Four candidates were screened and cleared by the Ezeship Secrening Committee headed by Cajetan Okoro with Ambrose Njoku as secretary. As the president general of Ezigaragu, Comrade Kenneth Uwasomba confirmed, "All  the candidates (from Eziala) subjected themselves to the screening committee and there was no compliants.

Uwasomba voiced the concerns of many thus: There have been raging and nagging issues about the ezeship election that I cannot make public here. My concern is to appeal to the people of Ezegaragu to maintain peace, order and tranquility before, during and after the exercise. The people should apply the Mbaise philosophy of "Udo kamma" in the conduct of the ezeship election.

In a dramatic turn of affairs, the election ended on a peaceful note with Chief Justin Nwaneri  emerging  the winner, He was duly  declared the Eze-elect of Ezigaragu Autonomous Community Enyiogugu. Subsequently,  the Office of the President General Ezigaragu Autonomous Community will  present Chief  Nwaneri a formal letter as the Eze-elect