Chief Charles Ugwu 

By Ori Martins

Two globally acclaimed political philosophers of two different generations and spheres, Aeschylus of Greece and Hiram Johnson of United States of America, were quite emphatic when they submitted that "The first casualty of war is the truth". 

Another War philosopher of international repute, Joseph Goebbels, graphically outlined in unmistakable terms what Aechylus and Hiram meant in their submission. In his phenomenal contribution to the devastation of war and lie on humanity, Goebbels frankly observed that "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it". 

Taken together, the established philosophers of note had, for decades before now, predicted the current reckless assault on humanity and the public by these marauding failed politicians and political jobbers. 

The failed politicians and political jobbers have many things in common: using lie, blackmail, backbiting and backstabbing, they cook up falsehood, distort facts as well as torpedo every noble and good intentions made by fellow associates, party or group members to foster growth as well as development of their professional bodies, political parties or social associations. These politicians from hell and their infinitesimal gullible few followers have no other goal than to destroy institutions and very important personalities. 

Nothing practically showcases the unimaginable descent into the abyss of inanity nay immorality of this  set of failed politicians and their allied political jobbers, than their  unsuccessful attempt at painting white black and black white, characterized by mindlessly adopting Engr Charles Ugwuh's invitation by the Economic Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, as a dramatized crime scene. 

Since they have failed abysmally  and have no followers other then their few belligerent and cranky supporters who shamelessly assist  them in propagating their destructive brand of politics in which they brutally employ all manner of disingenuous means to get at their targets, these men and women stop at nothing to pull their imaginary political enemies down. 

If not for envy and crass ignorance, how can a business transaction of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, grant of an Agric Loan in 2015 through Fidelity Bank to Ugwuh's company known as Ebony Agro to produce rice, be now be made to appear as a crude financial scandal? 

After the CBN credited  the money to Fidelity Bank, it was alleged that the bank converted the N2b into its equity. Ugwuh complained by informing the apex bank of his inability to access the funds. 

Swiftly,  CBN responded and wrote to Fidelity to recall the N2b, the bank took the matter to a different level  by petitioning Ugwuh to EFCC, claiming that it had appropriated the sum for a previous transaction in 2011 which the former minister and erstwhile Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) president had yet to ease off. 

As it turned out, EFCC got its tentacles and investigated the matter and came out with the fact that Fidelity truly  converted the N2b sent to Ugwuh via the CBN. As a first step, the Fidelity Bank director who brought the petition was quizzed by EFCC just as the anti graft agency  equally invited  Ugwuh in order to dig to the roots of the matter. Afterwards he was detained. 

Rather than report the matter as it is, these agents of destabilization who about one month dived into the ocean blindly by wrongly drafting an illegal and unconstitutional sack letter to Ugwuh, the chairman, Imo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party,  PDP, have gone into another  wicked action of calling for an innocent man's imprisonment when he is not involved in any proved or known scam. This is not the way to go about it. 

The situation at hand is never a fraudulent act. Even EFCC had yet to make its findings public. Moreover, Ugwuh has yet to talk on the Fidelity's 2011 claims. Eventually the matter will ultimately be charged to court. And until then the Imo PDP boss is still innocent both in the public opinion and before the law. Therefore, Ugwuh is not a scammer. He is a businessman turned politician who approached a credible  financial institution for a loan. 

If there are failed or unfulfilled agreements about it, EFCC is in order in inviting Ugwuh for explanation. Therefore, blackmailing Ugwuh is an atrocious deed that does more national harm than good.

Thus, those calling Ugwuh unprintable names particularly in the social media platforms and Imo Satate based local newspapers are political miscreants the man's political opponents who won't stop at nothing to tarnish his hard earned local, national and international reputation. For the records, Ugwuh is a man of integrity, honour and dignity who cannot deliberately get himself involved in any of criminality or scandal!!!