By Nwadugbom, JOK

As the Media aides of Abia State Governor Alex Otti and those of the immediate past governor continue to trade tackles, a former Ikpeazu close aide in this article counsels Gov Otti how to become a leader of impact.


Did they really prepare for governance?

Nobody can give what he does not have in leadership, no matter how he came to power. The  recourse to 'iko onu' is the time tested hallmark of cluelessness and leadership ineptitude. 

But we will keep pointing you (Alex Otti) in the right direction with the hope that you will at least use a stool to climb and pluck the low hanging achievement fruits in front of you, for the good of all Abians.

1. If you operationalize the new Enyimba garment factory in Aba that was built by Dr Okezie Ikpeazu and commisioned before he left office, you will deliver  direct new jobs to at least 500 Abia youths. The training component will further help you to remove more than 10,000 youths from the unemployment market within one year.

2. If you operationalize the multi specialist hospital in Aba, at least 100 people will be at work and you won’t need to start organizing “free Medicare outreach”  that is merely for show and something that Abia Diasporans do for free without fanfare. Even your insurance company can use the facility as a referral for elderly patients to be given free treatment. This will also allow you to concentrate on governance, instead of engaging your administrative machinery in wasteful propaganda such as discovering who is a dwarf or not.

3. Reconstruction of Obohia road in Aba has been paid for by the Ikpeazu administration and instead of inspecting work, set targets and follow up on what they are doing  unfortunately, you are busy looking for Emelogu road that is already completed by Ikpeazu to claim as your 100 days project. Is that not juju at work?

 4. After receiving unprecedented billions of naira from FAAC and privatizing LGA allocations only half of Abia workers receive monthly pay even after you have admitted sacking 7000, in addition to 2400 workers from the state civil service. The Anglican Church that was bold enough to speak out was insulted and the Bishops bad mouthed. You went further to level needless and baseless public allegations against them. is that the tolerance to opposing views you promised? 

5. Ikoeazu got approval for AfDB loan which you have now appropriated for use in constructing roads yet you prefer to do 200 meters of Cemetary road. Ordinary 200 meters of road is what you are celebrating, even when it was your predecessor that did most of the gutters. Odi egwu really!!

Why wɗon’t you be focused on insulting Ikpeazu when you have no agenda but to insult a former Effurun 2-term Governor even when you are yet to complete 4 months in office? When there is no achievement the Indolent recourse to propaganda and diversionary abusiveness. 

Ikpeazu is not your problem, bitterness and hatred are jointly DWARFING you. Know this and know peace !!!

Let’s move away from looking for who is a dwarf and talk more about substantive leadership in a harsh socio-economic environment where even a dwarf also need to breathe. 

-Nwandugbom JOK is busy sha