Hon Stanley Nwabuisi 

The incumbent lawmaker representing Ikwuano State Constituency in Abia State House of Assembly, Hon Stanley Nwabuisi has come under close scrutiny as the people of Ikwuano LGA take to the social media to review his performance so far.

In a scathing comment, the  President of  Ikwuano Youth Leaders Forum, Hon Santiago Agomuo, counselled the  PDP lawmaker who is seeking a second term to consider his aspirations as a futile exercise as he had failed to live up to the expectations of Ikwuano people.

 Hon Agomuo maintained that the incumbent lawmaker does not appear to have the interest of Ikwuano at heart.

 "He does not stay here in Ikwuano,  he never stays at home, he only comes when he needs our vote, and from what we can see he has no business with us at home", he stated in a comment on one of the social media arms Ikwuano people are discussing the politics of 2023

The Youths Leader urged  voters in Ikwuano to focus only on home-based politicians when voting for House of Assembly members. To drive home his point, he resorted  to a proverb,  proffering: "Nga onye bi ka ona awachi" (a person only cares for the roof that shelters him/her)

 "A home based House member will be better for us, because it's we that stays at home that casts the vote, but after voting for a person living far from the LGA, he will definitely go back where he comes from like our incumbent did", he argued and alleged that he is privy to information that the lawmaker has business projects in Abuja, Aba, Lagos and even in the State capital, Umuahia.

"I want to ask, is there no land to build on in Ikwuano? Is Ikwuano only a place to fish for votes?", he queried.

"You don't expect magic from them because they don't stay here with us and  know our pains, these Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt candidates should allow people at home to decide who will serve them and deliver development to the LGA,  We have tested Owerri-based House member, he disappointed us;  We have tried Lagos-based and he delivered; We tried Lagos again and he fell beyond expectations. We have tried Abuja and he failed woefully, now let's try somebody from our mids", the youths leader also known as Moi-Moi maintained.

Agomuo who insisted that the lawmaker has failed to live up to expectations lamented the marginalisation of Ikwuano in the PDP administration. "Hon Nwabuisi is the House Committee Chairman on Health, let him show us just one health center he equipped. He goes to his village through Ngwa, so how did he impact  Ikwuano?, he  asked?