Following what appears to be a deliberate impoverishment and under-development of Ikwuano LGA, of Abia State by political adventurers, elites, opinion  and leaders of thought from the LGA were on Friday, August 12, 2022 called upon to  protect "...Ikwuano's common heritage for a better society we can all be proud to call ours".

Making the call, in a message titled 'Ahamefula', sent to all Ikwuano sons and daughters via various social media platforms, Prince Emeka Osoagbaka stated that the emerging association which would be known by the name 'Ahamefula'  is a child of necessity birthed in the interest of Ikwuano.

" We have over the last  eight years, witnessed the steady decline and infrastructural rot in Ikwuano as against its revenue received  from the Federation Allocation Accounts Committee, FAAC which runs into tens of millions of naira monthly.

" We have noted in anguish that despite receiving over N10 billion from FAAC  within the last eight years, we are yet to see any project in the interest of the people, executed within this period in Ikwuano valued at just N10 million  representing one percent of received earnings within the same period.

" Despite taxes and other sources of rates being paid to our LGA as internally generated revenue, IGR running into millions of naira annually, by these same deprived indigenes who are law abiding people, we are yet to see or witness any improvement in the lives of our people facilitated by the government and governance.

"We have watched as over 400,000 Ikwuano indigenes who pay taxes to government remain without access to any government health care facility. An LGA  the size of Ikwuano blessed with enormous economic potentials lacks a well equiped General Hospital   to cater for the medical needs of our people resulting in high infant/maternal  mortality rate of our people.

"We neither have good roads, pipe borne water, electricity, good academic environment for our schools, storage facilities/agro-processing facilities  for our  predominantly farming communities, no farm support programmes for our farmers. 

"Even as  a link between two oil producing state capitals, we cannot boast of any local economy, no banks, no modern bus terminal, no modern lock up market for our people.

"We have been failed by government!", he lamented.

Hon Osoagbaka, former member of Abia State House of Assembly explained that the objectives of the association is not to insult, malign nor to attack our current political leaders but rather to demand accountability and to ask questions since we are all stakeholders to this common heritage.

" Having been failed by the professional politicians we would no longer consent to failure while mortgaging the future of our children and generations yet unborn.

" It MUST now be Ikwuano First. We must demand accountability in governance, we must demand efficient and community based political representation not family business. If they do not see us, they will hear our voice", he asserted