Onyenucheya, (left)and Keita

Benin Republic shares plenty with Nigeria in trading, but not a lot in other areas, especially education and human capacity development,the language barrier may be the reason for this

However, Nigeria’s visionary,  vibrant and versatile entrepreneur,  Dr Chukwuemeka Onyenucheya is bringing down  barriers  ad forging a people-to-people relationship with Nigeria’s French speaking neighbour.

Onyenucheya,  the Chairman/Founder of Chukwuemeka Onyenucheya Foundation, is using his Foundation which he has used to fight against poverty, illiteracy and diseases in his home Country in this quest.

Comrade Onyenucheya  reveals that his interest was kindled when he visited Benin Republic to receive an Honorary Doctorate conferred on him by ESFAM-Benin University on the 15th of November, 2021. 

“The award was given me in recognition of entrepreneurship  and philanthropy.

And the occasion was a gathering of stars,  achievers  in their respective careers/vocation who were thoroughly screened and  recognised by the world-acclaimed University.

“For me, it became an occasion of joy and convivial exchange of inter-state cooperation as it afforded me 

 the opportunity to meet with the Chairman/Founder of Modibo Keita School Complex of Benin, Dr. Modibo Keita.

“Dr Keita   runs an Orphanage and School that educates scores of children in the 5th District of Benin Republic and beyond.

“It was  fate that  brought  Dr. Modibo Keita  and I together using the Doctorate award ceremony to enlighten both of us of  our shared vision in empowering people to fulfil their destiny and further the frontiers of  human progress”, Onyenucheya explains

The end of the well attended ceremony saw Dr. Chukwumeka Onyenucheya signing a partnership deed with Modibo Keita School Complex to fund the school fees of ten (10) indigent students every session.

He also announced intentions to do same   across other West African nations and beyond.

In his remarks, Dr. Keita of Modibo Keita School  reaffirmed  that the partnership will indeed further strengthen  the existing cordial relationship between Nigeria and Benin Republic, especially in the areas of promoting human welfare and educational development