By Cally Ikpe

In a rare moment of creative impulse, Davido just created a new image for himself no PR practitioner or marketing could have dreamt of

Now, not only are fellow artistes stunned by this gesture, but motivational speakers and many prosperity preachers are finding it tough to absorb the challenge. 

We now know that a good heart is beyond appearance of piety and show of  affection. Kindness, by Davido's definition is matching deeds to words.

Davido's gesture will provoke a deep soul searching within men of conscience, I believe.

A very likely inkling to many other celebrities following the Davido's birthday fundraising fanfare, was for them to also test their popularity or probably exploit similar window to cash-out.

 While the social media went agog with the youngman's playful adventure, he smoothly pulled off what could be rightly described as a masterstroke - pooling all  N200 million plus received as gifts and an extra N50 million from his own and donating all to charity

I  imagined that some fault finders were  waiting,  now in vain, to criticise the young man if he had actually gone ahead to use the raised funds to pay import duty on his Rolls-Royce and spend the rest on a frenzy of partying.

By this gesture Davido has taken his worth/value to the clouds: endorsements will be overwhelming, event organizers will feel even more compelled to feature him at shows.

But on a very significant note,  he has become a best friend to the underprivileged. 

All hail Davido, the merciful!