By Tony Icheku

The member representing Aba South State Constituency in the Abia State  House of Assembly, Hon. Obinna Ichita  has opened up how he was attacked by hoodlums Wednesday at his Constituency office in Aba.

"Yesterday, (Wednesday),  I was having a Town Hall meeting with my Constituents at the Constituency office because of the bad nature of the roads in my Conatituency. It was really raining but the people weren't bothered because the issue at hand was a very serious one. Some boys loaded in three buses approached where we were. 

"I told the security men not to fire any shots or do anything against anybody. We were just evacuated to safety and these hoodlums destroyed people's property, people were wounded and then destroyed my vehicle simply because I was asking questions about the whereabouts of the $56m the World Bank gave to Abia State because of that road in Aba. 

"Earlier, I informed the security agencies about threats to my life, I did that last three weeks, I told them,  but the State Government never took it seriously. They thought I was kidding and I told the World and the appropriate Security authorities that the threats was sequel to my insistence that $56m received from the World Bank loan needed to be utilized for the construction of the roads for which they were secured and while we were having the meeting yesterday to brief my Constituency about how far we had gone as far as the issue is concerned when those hoodlums attacked us"

Asked who he suspected could have been behind the  incident, Hon Ichita said:

"I think that is left for the security services to determine but the fact was that we identified some of them, but then the task of apprehending and interrogating them will be done by the security agencies in the course of investigations.

"My appeal has always been that we maintain peace; We don't want to escalate the fragile present security condition we have in the South East and we'll insist on asking questions and calling on the state government to come to the rescue of the people in Aba South because as it is now, it does look like we are not an integral part of the state whereas we're the most income generating Constituency in this state.

On the suspicion that the fund allocated for the construction and rehabilitation of roads may have been misappropriated, Ichita said:

"The only thing I know is that the roads have not been constructed, none of them has been completed. I think, I cannot assume the duty of investigation in this regard but there are some ongoing investigations, so let's allow them conclude their investigations"

The lawmaker was attacked  Wednesday, August 25 during a Town Hall Meeting  convened by him.

Recall that Ichita has been on the news as he cries out over the poor state of road in his constituency. He  recently made a video showing the state  Port Harcourt by Cemetery road in Aba